Our scheduling Nurse is available:

Weekdays: 7:00 am to 4:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Call (402) 564-7200 option #4. If she is on another call, please leave your child’s name, date of birth and reason for the call. Speak slowly and clearly.

Information Prior to Calling:

  • Child’s name and date of birth
  • Child’s symptoms
  • Child’s chronic disease or health problem if applicable
  • Child’s approximate weight (to calculate accurate dosing)
  • Names of any medications your child is taking
  • Pharmacy phone number
  • Have your questions written down
  • Speak slowly and clearly

NOTE: Try to call about sick children as early as possible. All calls are screened by our scheduling nurse who has been specially trained to make decisions on determining which patients need to be seen “today”.  She will provide proper home care for those that do not need to be seen the same day. If the scheduling nurse is unable to answer your questions, she will consult with the physicians to provide you with the proper information. (apkshelf.com)

If you have a phone that does not accept anonymous calls, you will need to unblock your phone.

Please also keep your line open, in order for us to return your call. If your call is not returned within 60 minutes, please call again. Keep in mind that Monday morning is the busiest time, so please be patient.

After hours, Weekend, & Holiday calls:

We offer after hours triage support from St. Elizabeth’s Telephone-Line-To-Care in Lincoln, NE at 855-501-4676.

These nurses are specialty trained to assist you with your questions and concerns after hours. They have access to our pediatricians if needed.

Working Parents and Sick Children

Be certain your babysitter or daycare provider understands they should call you as soon as possible if your child becomes ill. If you think your child may need to be seen today, please call as soon as possible. It is difficult to make same day appointments late in the afternoon.

General Health Questions

Our scheduling nurse is happy to provide you with general health information you need to care for your children. For these questions, please call during weekday office hours in the early afternoon.

Prescription Refills

We refill prescriptions only during regular office hours. Please contact your pharmacy to initiate a prescription refill unless it’s a controlled substance, see below.

Controlled Substances 

  • Leave a message with your child’s name, date of birth, and medication needed 
  • Refilled during regular office hours Monday through Friday only
  • Ready for pick up by a parent, after 9:00 am the following day
  • Photo ID required when picking up prescription 
  • If the script needs to be mailed, postage will be collected from the parent prior to mailing